New Year at Golden Gardens

Adventure_340pxWe’re jumping straight into our posting about visualizing adventure and the fun and excitement that goes along with it with this beautiful post from Tad Gielow, the technical genius who is building our new visimbe app and a contributor to the blog.

Tad’s film and animation resume includes The Iron Giant, Mulan, Men in Black and many more. We’re so lucky he decided to move to Seattle and start building apps while taking these gorgeous photos.

Tad Gielow Photography


Golden Gardens Park is one of my “go to” places to unwind and enjoy the shore line of Puget Sound.   I usually I take a walk around the park without my camera just to relax and get a feel for the light.


On this day, the sun was going down through a bank of clouds so the light was going to stay very muted.  I set up my tripod by a comfortable bench, pointed my camera towards the Olympic Mountains and waited to see what would happen.


Over the next hour or so a small boat came by, a kayaker who looked like he was commuting over to Whidbey Island paddled past and the sun illuminated the clouds hovering over Bainbridge Island.  A very peaceful afternoon.

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